Residenza Lagrev


Dear guests

Welcome to the Residenza Lagrev. To help you prepare a little, here are some tips and advice to help you enjoy your holiday to the full.

Please dispose of PET (no plastic/packaging material), tins and waste paper in the appropriate containers in the two container rooms in the basement in house B and A1. You can also dispose of residual waste there in sealed rubbish bags.

For the disposal of glass, there is a glass container (Molok) in the Residenza car park.

Cardboard can be disposed of in our trailer in the garage. (see waste concept on the back of the house plan).

We have installed a PET press in each of our two waste collection points to reduce the amount of rubbish.

Schuko adapters, hair dryers
Adapters and hairdryers should be deposited in your flat and double plugs can be borrowed at the reception.

You can park your car free of charge in our outside car park in front of the Residenza. If you wish to use a garage, we will be happy to provide you with one at Fr. 10.– per day in winter or Fr. 3.– per day in summer. Please note that the parking spaces are relatively narrow and it is therefore important to follow our instructions regarding parking forwards or backwards.

At the back of our party room/lounge you will find a library with many books in different languages and various board games. Browse through the books, take them into the flat and please put them back at the end of your stay.

If you ever need a bouquet of flowers, we will be happy to organise one according to your wishes and budget.

Stamps and postcards
In addition to postcards in various sizes, we also sell stamps at the reception.

We are happy to deliver fresh bread from the bakery every day. Simply fill in the bread order form and drop it in the bread order box at the reception. Monday-Tuesday / Thursday-Saturday until 5 p.m., on Wednesday until 11 a.m., on Sunday there is a special rule which is posted at the reception. The next morning from 7.00 a.m. you can pick up your ordered bread at the reception. Dry bread can be returned to the reception desk.

Right next to the reception we have set up a small cafeteria for you, where we will be happy to serve you a variety of hot and cold drinks. You can also read the Engadin Post or various magazines.

At the end of your stay, we will give you a questionnaire and ask you to fill it out and return it to us. Praise and appreciation are great, suggestions for improvement help us and are therefore very valuable to us.

Parlour games
You are welcome to borrow various board games from our library and at the reception.

During the opening hours of our reception you can purchase various drinks. The drinks list for water, soft drinks, beer and wines is available at the reception. You can choose 7dl bottled wines directly from our kiosk.

Indoor swimming pool
The indoor pool is open daily from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. Children may use the pool from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Please note that there is no supervision in the indoor pool and no food or drinks may be consumed.

Front door
The front doors close automatically. Therefore, please always take your flat key with you.

There is a Robi Dog right at the exit from the Residenza Lagrev car park. We kindly ask the dog owners to dispose of the leftovers of their 4-legged darlings immediately. Please keep dogs on a leash at all times in the Residenza Lagrev area.

Please find all information about opening hours, important telephone numbers, exhibitions, restaurants, sport offers in the «Agenda da Segl» or on the homepage of Sils

In the Residenza Lagrev you can surf the Internet practically everywhere free of charge. In order not to disturb the other guests, we ask you at the reception to refrain from using skype or audio/video chat. On request and for a small fee, we can also print out documents or make copies for you.

Coffee machines
If you do not like filter coffee, you can rent capsule machines from Nespresso, Tchibo and Dolce Gusto at the Reception and buy the corresponding capsules in our kiosk. Cost Fr. 10.– for the machine/stay.

In our small kiosk, right next to the reception, you will find various souvenirs for those at home. In addition to books and maps, we also sell good wines to take away, food, books, ties, costume jewellery, local handicraft products, nut tarts (please order in advance) and postcards in various sizes.

Children’s playroom
There is a children’s playroom in House B near the reception, where our younger guests can let off steam as they please. Please leave the room tidy.

Credit cards
We accept Eurocard/Mastercard/Visa/EC Direct/ EC Maestro and Postcard for payment of your bill. Of course, we are also happy to accept Swiss francs or euros.

Cross-country skiing
You can make a voluntary contribution to the preparation of the cross-country ski trails by renting a trail pin at the reception. Simply attach the pin to your jacket or similar and start running. Please return the pin to the reception at the end of your stay.

Lounge/party room
On the way from house B to the garage you will find our lounge/party room. If you would like to spend a convivial evening with your friends, you can rent the room and the kitchen incl. crockery. You can get the key for the kitchen and further information at the reception.

Post office
Next to the reception you will find a letterbox where you can deposit your outgoing mail. Our postman will be happy to take your mail. Mail that has been forwarded can be collected from 11.30 a.m. onwards.

At the request of the owners and out of consideration for your next tenants, smoking is prohibited in the entire interior of the Residenza Lagrev. We therefore ask our guests who smoke to do so in front of the house or on the balconies. Any additional cleaning caused by smoke or ashes will be charged to the tenant.

Our reception is open daily from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.. On Wednesday afternoon and Sunday the reception is closed. If we are out of the house or if you need help outside opening hours, simply pick up the phone at the reception and you will be automatically connected to us or dial 599 from your flat.

Would you like to send a fax or do you need some copies or PC printouts. For a small fee we will be happy to fulfil your wishes.

Table tennis
In house A there is a table tennis room with two table tennis tables. Bats and balls can be borrowed free of charge at the reception. We have also set up a table football for you with a coin slot (Fr. 1.–).

Ski pass
The mountain railways have introduced a new ski ticket system a few years ago. At or you can buy ski tickets in advance, download them to your smartphone or print them out. The earlier you book and the more tickets you buy together, the cheaper the individual ski ticket becomes. The price changes at 5 p.m. the evening before.

Our sauna is located right next to the indoor pool. We will be happy to heat it up for you on request and with advance notice (at least 1 hour in advance). Cost Fr. 20.– for the sauna incl. towels (max. 4 persons). Please contact the reception.

At the reception you will find an information board, many brochures and information leaflets with the current events in Sils and the surrounding area.

Laundry room
In house B (at the reception) there is a washing machine with a coin-operated machine, a dryer, a clothes horse and an iron. If you wish to do laundry, please reserve the laundry room at the reception.

Laundry change
For guests staying with us for more than a week, we offer the possibility of changing your linen after one week. Just let us know what you need and we will bring fresh linen to your flat.

If you have any problems in your flat, you can always call the house management number 081 838 55 99.

The Engadine Post and various magazines are available in our cafeteria. To ensure that everyone can benefit from this offer, we kindly ask you to read the daily newspaper only on site and not to take it into your flat. You may borrow magazines and take them into your flat.

We kindly ask you to leave the flat in an orderly and tidy condition, to dispose of all waste, to strip the beds and to put the used dishes in the cupboard. Please vacate the flat by 10.00 am. If you would like to stay a little longer in the flat, please discuss this with us in advance.

We hope to have served you with this information and wish you a pleasant and unforgettable stay with us in the Residenza Lagrev. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Your hosts Binia and Berni Geisser-Leu