Residenza Lagrev

Enjoy relaxing time – the Residenza Lagrev is expecting you

The Residenza Lagrev is located in a particularly sunny and calm area on the plain between the lakes of Sils and Silvaplana. All apartments of the Residenza are equipped for comfortable enjoyment. The center of Sils Maria, the cable car of Furtschellas and the center for water sports are away few minutes walking.

Briefly: are guaranteed enjoyable holidays in the Engadine. We expect you !

A special village: Sils in the Engadine

Looking over the seemingly endless plain and the lake of Sils, you will understand Hermann Hesse having described it as ‚paradise‘. The village is idyllically situated between the lakes of Sils and Silvaplana at 1802 meters a.s.l. at the entry to Val Fex. The village is attractive, familial and inviting –the guests appreciate the quietude of the beatiful scenery.

Pure enjoyment of nature: snowshoeing

Personally enjoying the nature, snowshoeing on the frozen lake of Sils or the area around the village allows to relax the mind. If you want to enjoy higher levels, you find other trekking routes and ski tracks on Furtschellas.

A cultural highlight: the house of Nietsche

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietsche came to Sils the first time in Summer 1881 and rented a room on the first floor of today’s Nietsche house. From 1883 until 1888 he returned every summer. There, he found a place to rest and concentrate. Now, the house is an attractive museum and is used for meetings.